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Makeup is one of the fastest and least expensive ways to change oneself:

to hide the areas that are not the most attractive, and to highlight those, which are eye-catchingly beautiful. However, we may not always know how to make ourselves up correctly, to make the result flawless and longer lasting.

In these cases, it is best to contact a makeup artist, who will gladly share his or her knowledge and demonstrate the various stages of makeup. Unfortunately, many people have been taught that makeup must follow strict rules. Women are divided into types according to the seasons, and only allowed to use certain colours. My, as a makeup artist’s, opinion is that such an approach is too one-sided and incorrect. By using different colours, women have the unique opportunity to improvise. Some colour solutions that seem too bold will seem natural and appropriate after application according to professional instructions.

Naturally, makeup is not limited only to the use of lipstick and cream powder. It all starts with skin care, beautifully corrected eyebrows, a hairdo, and clothing, which all form a uniform whole. That is, after all, what we want to achieve.


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