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Wedding makeup


For the bride:

In the interests of beautiful makeup, a trial makeup should be applied, in order to check the condition of the facial skin and eyebrows, and to recall the importance of a manicure and pedicure. The foundation must be matte and the mascara waterproof. Using so-called lipfix over lipstick is recommended, to make lip colour last longer. One must take into account what colour the dress, flowers, and jewellery are, and what style the hairdo is. The makeup should be natural and personal, because the bride wants to recognize herself 20 years later, when looking at her wedding pictures.


For the groom:

One tends to forget men’s makeup, or not to understand its importance. When looking at wedding pictures, one often sees that the bride looks lovely, but... The groom has dark circles under his eyes from pre-nuptial stress. On the morning of the wedding, he has shaved in a rush and accidentally nicked himself... Very natural and light foundation should be used for men’s makeup and sun powder used for modelling. Colourless gel is used for the lashes and brows, and lips are moistened with a natural shade of balsam.


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